Monday, January 18, 2010

You Asked For It...

The show went well. Lucy went Winners Bitch on Saturday for her first 2 points twoards her Canadian championship and got lots of compliments from other breeders so I was very happy. Frost went Reserve Winners Dog both days so no points but he did well and I was very happy with him. I didn't have a win photo taken of Lucy as I have a really nice professional one taken ringside from when we were in Rhode Island that should be arriving soon. I took a few pictures at the show which I've put below including one of Dad kissing a Siberian.

Frost (Becca x Delceg)

Frost is from the first litter Delceg sired here at Nuthatch. I co-own his sister Sonnet, who lives in Texas. He is finally starting to fill out and turning into a very handsome guy. Sadly, he's also entered the teenage years where he thinks he's a big stud and the girls are forever reminding them that he is dirt under their toe nails. Like every good boy though her remains undeterred.

I had judged Siberians last year and made a decision that generated some controversy. My Best of Breed choice was not the puppy who was doing all the winning but instead a more mature dog that I honestly felt was a better Siberian. At the time I took a lot of flak from people who don't know the breed that well. They felt I had made the wrong decision. I stood my ground and disagreed. The puppy apparently didn't do as well after that and has started to fall apart physically. Not literally but as you grow things can become less balanced (things of lanky teens that are all legs and feet and you'll know what I mean, we don't all grow evenly). The puppy was very pretty but not as balanced as I would have liked. When I say he fell apart, I mean that the lack of balance has become more pronounced to the point where he is unlikely to do anywhere near as much winning. I have to admit, when someone from the Siberian community told me that this weekend I felt a certain vindication. Sometimes it is nice to be right lol

In non-show news, the weather has been very mild here, hovering around zero degrees celsius. So, the dogs and I have been out playing in the snow. Shown below are pics from the weekend taken both indoors and out. Oh, and its official, we'll be naming the newly renamed Beans Nuthatch's Black Coffee In Bed.

Ziggy (she'll be 13 tomorrow, Michael x Darby)

Chance (11 this year, Andy x Holly)

Beans (Becca x Dundee)

I wanted stacked pictures of the munchkin but she wouldn't hold still at all. It was hard enough to get these.

Limerick (Jeannie x Frost)

Limerick - also known as Lime Ricky, is out of Frost's first litter and will be a full sibling to the accident litter on its way. She reminds me intensely of Lucy which pleases me a great deal.

Limerick & Cello (Limerick is the solid liver and Cello is the ticked bitch, Cello is out of Shiraz and Mac)

Delceg (the Hungarian stud muffin - Foks x Malomkozi Saba)

For those of you who have never met Delceg before, he is our visitor from Hungary via Oregon. He's been with us just over two years now and has worked his way into everyone's hearts.

Emily (she'll be ten this year in September, Chanel x Charlie)

Miss Emily remains the boss bitch of the household and there is no one who doesn't tow her line anymore.

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