Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Finding Nemo Litter

This litter is out of Kaylee (Nuthatch's Firefly - Kenny x Bug) and Mac (Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Chase The Sun - Morgan x Emily). Kaylee is one of the girls we foster out. More on fostering in our next post (which will be sooner than the last post - I promise). She lives with the Talbot family and Avery and Sloane Talbot have very generously provided the theme and names for this litter. Huge thanks to them for doing such a great job! I have some really great pictures of them with Kaylee.

Now, on to the puppies ... they're just shy of four weeks old in these pictures.

The Girls:




The Boys:





and some general pics of them in one of their sweeter moments...

I also have a few new pictures of Pepper and Fox (formerly Fanta) from the soda pop litter (Delceg x Bug). Pepper reminds me very strongly of her mother, Bug. She's got that same impish quality that led to Bug's name often being extended with a "ger". I should know better by now. Every time someone gets a name like Bug, Pepper, Beans, etc they invariably live up to it. I've got to start naming them things like Quiet, Peace, Gentle, Silence - think it would work?



Although I really like both of them, I'm thinking that we will place Fox in a show home if one comes along. Of course if one doesn't...