Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Delceg in the Doghouse...

It is absolutely okay for you to complain I don't take enough pictures but please - and I mean please - do not tell Delceg that. My big goof decided to try to remedy that and take some pictures of his own this morning.

Unfortunately, the camera case was zipped close...

Fortunately, it can be chewed open.

Unfortunately, Delceg has no hands to hold the camera with.

Fortunately, his teeth will work just as well.

Unfortunately, this cracks the view screen.

Fortunately, you can still make out teh image, it just takes a little more work.

Unfortunately, Delceg has no fingers to turn it on.

Fortunately, he manages to squish one toe in and turn it on.

Unfortunately, this permanently damages the on/off switch.

Fortunately, Mom finds him on the couch at this point attempting to shoot pictures of Becca.

Unfortunately, Mom can't find the extra memory card that was in the camera case.

Fortunately, she finds the extra batteries.

Unfortunately this leads to a very long and stern lecture to Delceg about doing his own picture taking.

Fortunately, his mother loves him and forgives him eventually.

The Current In-House Members of the Nuthatch Gang

I apologize well in advance as some of these photos are quite old and a number of these dogs are now 8+ years old. Tp the person who asked for a complete list of who is in residence at the moment. Note we're taking a break from rescues for the moment until I'm back on my feet post surgery. Ready to be unnerved by our motley crew...

The Two Remaining Siberians:

Michael - Can Ch. Bain's Northern Riverdance

Cheyenne - Nuthatch's Cheyenne

Ok, I can't find a decent picture of Cheyenne at the moment but here's one of her mother Sharky (now passed on) to whom she bears a striking resemblance...

The Sole German Wirehaired Pointer

Willow - Darnelle's Makin You A Believer FDJ

The Shortbrains...

Chanel - Can Ch Ersehnen By Design

Spirit - Can Ch Ersehnen Blythe Spirit

Becca - Am Can Ch Shomberg N Partridge Run Tribecca

Emily - Can Ch Nuthatch's At Last (Charlie x Chanel)

Delceg - Am Can Hung. Lux. World Jr Ch Malomkozi Delceg

Dundee - Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Snowy River Rider (Cruise x Sally)

Jeannie - Nuthatch's Simply Irresistible (Charlie x Chanel)

Lucy - Nuthatch's Awakenings (Delceg x Kaylee)

Before anyone starts to panic and think I do not respect copyrights, I have purchased this picture from Kenneth Reed - it just hasn't arrived yet in the mail and all my other Lucy pictures are from when she was a baby.

Limerick - Nuthatch's Funny Girl (Frost x Jeannie)

Beans - Nuthatch's Black Coffee in Bed (Dundee x Becca)

Charlie - Mex Latin Am FCI Int Can Ch Nuthatch's Presumed Innocent (Andy x Cassie)

Mr. Big - Nuthatch's Witness (Charlie x Chanel)

Bug - Can Ch Nuthatch's Truly Madly Deeply (Charlie x Spirit)

Dublin - Gamebourne King's Ransom

Cello - Nuthatch's Tequila Sunrise (Mac x Shiraz)

Frost - Nuthatch's The Road Not Taken (Delceg x Becca)

Mac - Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Chase The Sun (Morgan x Emily)

Dalwhinne - Nuthatch's Q.E.D. (Morgan x Emily)

Ziggy - Can Ch Robinhoods Ziggy Stardust

Chance - Nuthatch's The Negotiator
(Andy x Holly)

Buffy - Nuthatch's Unforgettable (Kenny x Jeannie)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crufts - An Affair of the Hound...

Not surprisingly, I have always had a weakness for hounds - both sighthounds and scenthounds. In Europe there are many different continental hounds that we never see here in Canada. One of my favourite parts of Crufts was wandering around and seeing all the breeds I had never seen before. With the exception of the HPR (Hunt Point Retrieve - ie versatile hunting dogs like our GSPs and GWPs), I've included several of them here. With a few exceptions, most are hounds. I'll do the HPRs separately.


This is by far my favourite hound. I had seen a few photos of them before but had never seen one live in the flesh. A medium sized hound, they have a beautiful elegance while still being all scenthound. I would love to import one of these. (Now you know why Dad shakes his head everytime I see a breed I like lol)


Basset Fauve de Bretagne

These were cute little guys.

Bleu Gascogne Basset

Bleu Gascogne Grand

As with these last two breeds, it is a common thing for many hounds, particularly french ones, to have a small (Basset) size and a large (Grand) size.

Bavarian Mountain Hound

Cirneca d'ell Etna



Lagotto Romagnolo

Lancashire Heeler

A typical feisty heeler - one of the few non-hounds in this list. This is a breed native to England.

Portuguese Podengo Rough

Portuguese Podengo Smooth

The Podengos were just adorable. As their notes said - why tango when you can podengo?


Segugio Italiano

And for those who asked my favourite part of heathrow...