Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Current In-House Members of the Nuthatch Gang

I apologize well in advance as some of these photos are quite old and a number of these dogs are now 8+ years old. Tp the person who asked for a complete list of who is in residence at the moment. Note we're taking a break from rescues for the moment until I'm back on my feet post surgery. Ready to be unnerved by our motley crew...

The Two Remaining Siberians:

Michael - Can Ch. Bain's Northern Riverdance

Cheyenne - Nuthatch's Cheyenne

Ok, I can't find a decent picture of Cheyenne at the moment but here's one of her mother Sharky (now passed on) to whom she bears a striking resemblance...

The Sole German Wirehaired Pointer

Willow - Darnelle's Makin You A Believer FDJ

The Shortbrains...

Chanel - Can Ch Ersehnen By Design

Spirit - Can Ch Ersehnen Blythe Spirit

Becca - Am Can Ch Shomberg N Partridge Run Tribecca

Emily - Can Ch Nuthatch's At Last (Charlie x Chanel)

Delceg - Am Can Hung. Lux. World Jr Ch Malomkozi Delceg

Dundee - Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Snowy River Rider (Cruise x Sally)

Jeannie - Nuthatch's Simply Irresistible (Charlie x Chanel)

Lucy - Nuthatch's Awakenings (Delceg x Kaylee)

Before anyone starts to panic and think I do not respect copyrights, I have purchased this picture from Kenneth Reed - it just hasn't arrived yet in the mail and all my other Lucy pictures are from when she was a baby.

Limerick - Nuthatch's Funny Girl (Frost x Jeannie)

Beans - Nuthatch's Black Coffee in Bed (Dundee x Becca)

Charlie - Mex Latin Am FCI Int Can Ch Nuthatch's Presumed Innocent (Andy x Cassie)

Mr. Big - Nuthatch's Witness (Charlie x Chanel)

Bug - Can Ch Nuthatch's Truly Madly Deeply (Charlie x Spirit)

Dublin - Gamebourne King's Ransom

Cello - Nuthatch's Tequila Sunrise (Mac x Shiraz)

Frost - Nuthatch's The Road Not Taken (Delceg x Becca)

Mac - Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Chase The Sun (Morgan x Emily)

Dalwhinne - Nuthatch's Q.E.D. (Morgan x Emily)

Ziggy - Can Ch Robinhoods Ziggy Stardust

Chance - Nuthatch's The Negotiator
(Andy x Holly)

Buffy - Nuthatch's Unforgettable (Kenny x Jeannie)


  1. Is Buffy not a Jeannie/Kenny kid? (& littermate to our Riley?)

  2. Oops, so she is. Kaylee is a Bug/Kenny kid. I'll correct that.

  3. Holey moley... you must go through a LOT of dog food. I never realized there was that many Nuthatches "in residence"...

  4. Chance looks like a real sweet boy.