Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pointers, Quills, Look-A-Likes, and Oodles of Pictures

First there is Biscotti...

Biscotti is an 8 yr old, neutered male English Pointer at the Niagara Humane Society. http://www.nfhs.ca/adoptions_expand.php?key1=Biscotti5714

If you know of anyone who would consider an older dog, they usually make excellent companions.


Check out the adventures at Everbell (http://theeverbelladventures.blogspot.com ) - it looks like Shiraz found a porcupine ...

I think these two represent cross-species twins - what do you think? They'd be good in a Fido ad, wouldn't they? For the record the old guy is my father and the dog is our German Wirehaired Pointer girl, Willow.

A Few People Asked for a Picture of that hussy Jeannie ...

Blue (Cassie & Andy)

Java (Becca x Dundee)

Moose (Wicca & Josh)

Moose lives in the US and is a star agility guy who shares his home with a wonderful family including several rescue dogs.

Daisy (Jeannie x Frost)


  1. Morning Heather :) Thanks for posting the photo of Blue, I have about a billion photos of her and it's nice to be able to share them with other people. Just celebrated her 11th birthday. And by all means keep it up with you're writing on your blogs, I love keeping up what you've been up to as well as what all of the Nuthatch dogs are up to. Thanks again! William

  2. Thanks for posting the pics of Moose and the rest of our pack! I really enjoyed seeing all the other pictures too! I especially loved the one of Blue, that's one beautiful GSP :)
    Woooeee, the English Pointer boy that you posted that needs a home is TOO cute. I was almost ready to pick up my passport and head across the border to get him!! Too bad I can't take another senior in now and he doesn't like kids. Phew...guess we'll stay at 5 pooches......for now.....