Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beans has moved to NFLD

Beans left for her new home in Newfoundland yesterday. They are going to call her Becca, after her mother. Most appropriate as they look very much alike. Hopefully, i will have some new pictures of her soon.

This left poor Latte all by her very loud and lonesome self. I'm finding Latte difficult - her name just doesn't flow off my tongue. So, we are renaming her Beans. (Yeah, I liked the name Beans from the get go.) Besides, Beans suits her - she is just full of beans. The newly named Beans is very lonely and as a result is getting very very spoiled because everyone feels bad for her. She's also getting very very cute. Really nice and smooth over the shoulders, compact with a beautiful topline, and a face full of mischief. What more can you ask for?


  1. What more could we ask for .... as Jocelyn said PICTURES !!!!! Come on girl those photographic skills will not improve unless you pick up the camera and I am far to far way to pop over for a quick photo session !!!!!