Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Delceg in the Doghouse...

It is absolutely okay for you to complain I don't take enough pictures but please - and I mean please - do not tell Delceg that. My big goof decided to try to remedy that and take some pictures of his own this morning.

Unfortunately, the camera case was zipped close...

Fortunately, it can be chewed open.

Unfortunately, Delceg has no hands to hold the camera with.

Fortunately, his teeth will work just as well.

Unfortunately, this cracks the view screen.

Fortunately, you can still make out teh image, it just takes a little more work.

Unfortunately, Delceg has no fingers to turn it on.

Fortunately, he manages to squish one toe in and turn it on.

Unfortunately, this permanently damages the on/off switch.

Fortunately, Mom finds him on the couch at this point attempting to shoot pictures of Becca.

Unfortunately, Mom can't find the extra memory card that was in the camera case.

Fortunately, she finds the extra batteries.

Unfortunately this leads to a very long and stern lecture to Delceg about doing his own picture taking.

Fortunately, his mother loves him and forgives him eventually.


  1. Hahaha ... I can totally see that. Bo has tried to "use" Rich's cell phone and remote from time to time :D

  2. those GSP's quite the bunch of technogecks...willy has dialed, spoken to peope and eaten a blackberry in his time. Quite a vocal dog.

    good story a budding photographer dog