Friday, January 22, 2010

The non-Crufts part of the trip

Although most of the trip was taken up at Crufts there are a few other excursions and particularly people that I want to mention.
I stayed with a wonderful lady named Anne and her husband. The bred english setters and currently have two field spaniels. Field spaniels are fairly rare in Canada and up until then I had only seen a few in my lifetime. Robbie, the field spaniel they had at the time (the new puppy hadn't arrived yet), is a gorgeous dog and beyond sweet. If I could deal with the grooming I'd have one of these too. (Face it, there are few breeds I wouldn't like to try at least once with the possible exception of terriers and toy breeds which are just not my bag of tea). They also had an old English Setter, Evie, who passed after my visit.


Robbie & Ann

My host, Karen, is Dublin's breeder. We did some sight seeing together, going out to see Skipton castle and wander a bit. It was quite amazing to see. Very different from the castles I saw in Spain which owed much to a hot climate and the Moors. In Skipton the importance of keeping warm became obvious along with the various strategies of defence. Here's some pictures of Karen and the castle:

Although the whole trip was great, the highlights were definitely Dublin and all the great people I met. I firmly think I'll just have to go back just to visit again and do some more sightseeing.

Dublin & Ann

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  1. Oh Heather it was so great to have you stay I can't quite belive it is nearly a year ago !! I must stay the only down side was that you took Mr Dublin Canada back home with you .. Anne, Mike and I got far toooooooo attched to the pesky child. God I was stressed the day I dropped you at the airport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robbie the field spaniel has really grown up this year and is looking wonderful .. he is entered at Crufts but as you know its a tall order to win there !! The new baby -- Lucy -- is a real fire cracker and the ultimate show off, you would love her :)