Monday, January 11, 2010

Puppies & More Puppies

So much for my detective skills. Both Jeannie AND True are pregnant. This means oodles of puppies. Kaylee's Mom has graciously agreed to let me put off breeding her as that would be just too much for me to cope with. Now, if I can talk Shiraz's family into the same deal I may survive the next few months.
Puppies are lots of fun but they're also a lot of work and stress. We take puppies pretty seriously here. They're generally planned (that hussy Jeannie's latest adventure aside), mostly spoken for before they're born, and they're always done with the intention of adding to the Nuthatch Gang whether they live with us or as foster dogs with a family of their own.
The first week is always the hardest. Our GSPs tend to do have large litters (10+) and generally, the larger the litter the smaller the puppies. Little puppies are more prone to dehydration and getting chilled which makes it difficult for them to digest food properly and can kill them if it isn't caught soon enough.
True is getting the whelping room and Jeannie is going to take over my bedroom. It was that or go without heat in my bedroom for several weeks. The breaker at our end won't run two heat lamps and three space heaters at once. My room is cold enough some days that without the space heater you can see your breath. When the contractors added the addition they did something wrong and there's no heat! This would be why I rarely complain about the extra heavy, snoring (and occasionally farting) blanket of dogs that normally sleeps with me. If all else fails they're warm. They're also loud and far too excited if a mouse, rabbit or other creature goes by the window in the middle of the night.
I have tons of new photos to add as well. I'll tackle them later.

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