Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Willow - the GSP

Willow - the GSP, as opposed to Willow my GWP - has had a tumultuous life that is finally settling down. Her original home was unable to keep her after the wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They placed her with friends who couldn't keep and then with other friends who also ended up unable to keep her. Miss Willow has serious issues with her recall and was taking off routinely on the last couple causing them to worry for her safety. They contacted us and we brought her back to Nuthatch.

By that time she was starting to develop some separation anxiety from all the moving around and was very unsure of herself from a social skills perspective. She stayed with us for several months doing a socialization rehab. She stayed with Jasper's family briefly but Jasper was jealous and it didn't work out. I had begun to think that Willow would be staying with us forever.

And then along came Kurt. Kurt was looking for a companion. He had had GSPs previously and knew about the energy and her tendency to take off. We agreed to try weekends away at first to see how they did together. From the beginning they bonded and she would whine with excitement as soon as he arrived to pick her up. He quickly taught her basic obedience although the recall remains awork in progress.

At the time Kurt was in the process of purchasing a home of his own. He continued to spend weekends with Willow until his new home closed and then they moved in together. They're both having a wonderful time and they've found a good friend in one another. Willow has a permanent home and she is spoiled rotten. Here's a few pics that Kurt has sent me of her in their new home.

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