Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

OK, I have like a million things to catch you up on, especially photos and I was having trouble logging into blogger for some reason so here's to catching up.
We had a quiet Christmas. I wasn't feeling too well so we took it easy and did a lot of laying on the couch and watching movies. Everyone always thinks of GSPs as being so hyper but that's because they're never there when four of them have me pinned to the couch under their snoozing selves. Chanel and Spirit pin the feet and calves, Emily takes the thighs and buttocks and Becca (who simply cannot bear to be left out of anything) takes the ribs and shoulders using my neck as a headrest. They make for a very heavy but warm blanket. Sadly, my blanket does snore.

Here's a ton of photos from various households that came by snail and email:

Mallory - is Wendy (nee Mocha)'s new labrabuddy

Karen Ramstead's Team

Cooper (Kyra & Charlie) & Riley (Jeannie & Kenny):

Willow (Jeannie & Kenny)

Mac (the solid liver - Becca & Charlie) & Rudolfe (Wicca x Josh) & their Weim buddy

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