Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christmas Pictures

More pictures coming in...

Eddie (Becca x Charlie)

A Friend's Visit to Santa

Also to see some pictures of Shiraz and Bo - see their family's blog at

Anyone else out there who keeps a blog featuring one of our pups, please let me know. I'd love to link up to it and I'm an avid reader whenever I get a chance.

We've bred True to Dundee. Keep your fingers crossed that she is pregnant. It's only been two weeks so too soon to tell. The last we bred her we went down to Virginia. It was a breeding that both myself and the stud dog owner have been looking forward to for quite some time. Unfortunately, she didn't get pregnant. So, this time we tried to keep it as stress free as possible. If she conceives then we'll know it was probably stress that was a facture last time and we'll find a way to minimize it as I would really really love to see her bred to Tonka.

Latte and Beans are revelling in the extra attention. I have decided on Latte. Much as I love Beans colour, I'm unwilling to choose colour over structure. So, Beans will head out to Newfoundland in January. Now to find Latte a foster home. And come up with a registered name for her. We always choose names that are either songs or movies (and every blue moon or so I choose a poem or book). Dad has suggest Nuthatch's Coffee In Bed (a Squeeze song) but I'm game for any other suggestions. I'm going to need a theme for True's litter too :)

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