Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Caught Up

I finally got around to updating the website last night. I added a link to this blog and updated the information about the puppies. The litter is completely spoken for with the exception of my little (still undecided upon) girl. I'm still waffling between Beans and Latte. I go back and forth, stack and restack, and spend hours watching them play and move around the kitchen. Beans is a more substantial girl with a gorgeous really dark liver coat. Structure is good but she has a number of wrinkles over the shoulders still which concerns me. If I have a real fussy point, it is fronts. But, having said that, at this age and even at 8 weeks Dundee (their father) had a number of wrinkles over the shoulders and as an adult he has fantastic shoulders. I've come to put it down to being the way the Australian element of his line matures. Latte has a personality plus and a lovely front. She's on the smaller side but it is too soon to say if that's just not having as good a placement in utero or if she will actually be a smaller dog as an adult. Her coat is chocolate brown as opposed to the beautiful dark liver of Beans' coat. Then she starts moving and she immediately catches your eye. There's nice extension and smooth gaiting already. She's agile and rarely falls clumsily. Oh, and she climbs into my arms every chance she gets. Could this have something to do with my favouring her???

I have decided that whomever ends up staying will be fostered. I have enough dogs here as it is at the moment and too many of them are old. I'm rather jealously guarding what time I have left with them and want to be able to focus on them. That means that Beans or Latte will go live with another family or, if the right show home comes along, I would agree to co-own her. Fostering is a hard decision. In an effort to make sure that I don't cause to much disruption to a foster dog's home and simply because they're not in front of me to remind me, they often don't get shown as much if at all. This is Becca's last litter and I want to make sure I show her last daughter, preferably on both sides of the border.

I fostered True out from Becca's first litter. The family she lives with is wonderful. They love her to bits and she adores them. It is the life I would like for all my dogs. I do wish I could have shown her in the US though but that would have meant taking her away from her family for too long as far as I was concerned. They would have let me take her but it would have broken Nathan's heart and I would never do that.

Here's the picture I took of Charlie in the car on the way home. It was one of those moments. We'd pulled off the highway in one of the rest stops so I could take an hour long nap and I'd just woken up. He was curled up in the seat beside me, sleeping in the sunshine.

These next pictures are ones recently sent to me of Kira. She recently passed from cancer. While it is always sad to hear of one of my dogs passing, it is always good to know about it. I love hearing about how much a part of your family the dog was and how dearly he/she is missed. It means that they had the life I wanted for them.

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  1. I love this blog Heather. What a great way to keep in touch. You even inspired me to start my own blog!

    The dogs say hi!