Friday, December 18, 2009

The Further Adventures of The Monkey Man...

Dublin - aka The Monkey Man - is devoting this week to giving Grandpa extra jobs to do. Very generous of him, isn't it?

On Tuesday, he showed Cello (a Shiraz daughter so you know she gets into more than enough mischief with no help from her buddy Dublin) how to get through a hole the size of a dinner plate so you can visit the food room in the kennel. Once there, he gave her the tour including explaining that empty cookie bags can be found in the garbage, stall dry makes a good stand-in for sand to play in, and that nothing is better for redecorating than empty shaving bags. Grandpa is a back to basics kind of guy and was not as appreciative of Dublin & Cello's redecorating as they might have hoped.

Then yesterday he and Cello decided that Grandpa was getting out of shape and needed a good game of tag to help his fitness efforts. Grandpa caught Cello first. Seeing that Grandpa was starting to look a little tired the ever inventive Monkey Man then climbed through a small (think width of building block) gap at the corner where the pee pen meets the house to put him self in a fenced in area. It was the wrong fenced in area but I say A+ for effort.

Dublin's breeder tells me that all of his siblings are equally smart and inventive. I think Grandpa may have said a prayer for them last night before going to bed.

The puppies head home this weekend. I still haven't decided which one I'm keeping but I figure I have a bit of a respite. The one I don't keep is going to Newfoundland in early January so I still have a few weeks to decide between Beans and Latte.

We've had a request to make sure we identify which litter dogs come from. So, I'll do my best in future. I think Ginger is out of Dundee and Shiraz but I could be wrong. I'll need to verify that. Seger is out of Jammer and Bug and Gryphon is out of Becca and Delceg.


  1. Dublins breeder is currently howling laughing .... sorry Grandpa the pesky gene obviousy travels well :)

  2. Dear God! If Cello is anything like Shiraz, then I get definitely vouch for her get into-trouble-ness. On the plus, that comes with a super cuddly gene :) I posted some recent pix on my blog of Razzy and Bo if you want to cross-post, Heather.