Monday, November 30, 2009

Puppy Visits and Bo

Yesterday was the day for puppy visits. I try to get most of my visitors in on the same day as while very fun, it does tend to be a long one. The best part of it though is watching the wee ones weave their spells over the visitors. Several took pictures which I will post here once I get them. The puppies seem to pick their people most of the time. Java for instance crawled into David's lap and after that there was no persuading him he wanted to be anywhere else. I may be in trouble as Latte spent most of the day in my arms. I always have a weakness for the little ones and Latte is the tiny one out of this bunch. I'll end up having to change names though as I really want to use the name Beans for mine lol

I got a great picture of Bo today so I'm going to include it here along with a bit about Bo. Bo is Nuthatch's Casablanca. Apart from the fact that he has a great family and is very sweet, Bo holds a special place in my heart. He is one of only three Cupid kids out there. Stella is in Australia and Comet is in Idaho with Betty and Jay. I still miss Cupid dearly and Bo is the only Cupid kid I get to see often. His head reminds me a bit of his mother. It has the same elegance. He has her personality as well. I keep telling myself one of these days I'll get him in a ring. Maybe 2010 will be that year.
Mind you I've been slacking this year due to my leg so there are several dogs I need to get out and finish - Buffy, Frost, Lucy, Bella, Dublin, maybe Cello and maybe Limerick. I guess there's no rest for the wicked...

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