Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Tale of Two Pies...

Sunday was one of those days where you plan on doing a lot. I got the dogs taken care of and then started cooking. I made a casserole for Monday evening's meal and then started in on Sundays food. I planned out a nice dinner - steaks, salad, etc and for dessert I would take out one of the frozen pies picked up from a friend's daughter's school fundraiser. So, a few hours later the house smelled of freshly baked blueberry pie and my burst of energy was over. I left it at the back of the stove. The microwave held the softening kibble for the puppies' afternoon meal. It was in the microwave as Delceg firmly feels that he is still a puppy and that the dish belongs on the floor where he too can help himself. I curled up on the couch - intent on finishing off the last season of Bones.

Dad let the dogs - Delceg, Chanel, Spirit, Becca, and Emily - in from the pee pen. I don't think Delceg hit the kitchen more than a minute before I did at a dead run. He'd grabbed the pie and generously dumped it on the floor so he could share it with his shorter friends who cannot get their heads to the back of the stove. So much for blueberry pie.

After they'd cleaned the floor completely and it looked much cleaner than the rest of the kitchen I returned to my show for a bit while they grabbed various spots on the floor and the couch to curl up and digest their little snack and clean blueberries off their neighbours noses. After awhile I put them in their crates so others could get out.

Up and on my feet again I decided that I would try again and make the apple pie sitting the freezer. After all, I didn't want Mom to get back from BC and accuse me of starving her husband in her absence. So I baked the apple pie. This time I left it at the back of the stove confident that the chief thief (ie Delceg) wasn't going to be out anytime soon as he doesn't get along with Chance.

We had a great dinner with a slice of pie for dessert. This still left a fair amount of pie but no one else had dared try to steal it and I was feeling confident. I was being extraordinarily naive. Chance and Ziggy came in after a pee break outside and Chance immediately offered to share the pie with Ziggy. At least we got a slice of this one.

Lesson learned - while gsps are extremely generous and willing to share pie, they are not good at leaving food alone no matter how far back on the stove it is.

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