Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank you...

to everyone who sent notes of sympathy regarding Clara's passing. Unfortunately when puppies are born as small as Clara as compared to their littermates it is often a sign that something else may be wrong - an internal issue that may prevent absorption of nutrients, prematurity of birth, poor placement in the uterus, etc. Even with nothing wrong, a 5oz GSP is very difficult to keep alive as the slightest bit of dehydration, chill or diarrhea can lead to death very quickly. We were feeding Clara every half hour to try to keep her hydrated and with some nutrients in her stomach. I had checked on her less than fifteen minutes before she was found and she seemed to be doing well. She had a full tummy and was keeping warm near the heat lamp. When I returned to the room, she had passed away.

To some it will sound strange to grieve for an animal who was only in your life for a matter of a few days. I don't know if it's because you work so hard with small pups like Clara to try to help them succeed or just something innate that breeders feel - perhaps a sense of responsibility for the lives you bring into the world. Why you love someone is a hard thing to answer. There are always reasons but in the end they never cover the whole of it. If you asked me why I love the music man I could give you lots of great qualities he has. Is this why I love him? Partly but most of it I can't explain - it just is. The dogs are the same way, regardless of how short their time with us is. Do I love Clara like I love Chanel who has been in my life for almost thirteen years now? No, it isn't comparable but I do love Clara and grieve at her passing. On the other hand, I don't know how I will cope when Chanel crosses the bridge. The old witch is one of the rocks upon whom Nuthatch is based and a huge part of my life.

Moving on to happier topics...

I took a ton of pictures of the dogs goofing off in the kitchen and living room last night. For reasons unknown I can't seem to upload them. I will try again tonight. I will also upload the pictures of Jeannie's babies including the ones of Clara. I also received my copy of the nice Kenneth Reed photo of Sara and Lucy which I'll post as well.

I have been asked if I have ever considered letting the dogs have their say on the blog. I'm not sure to be honest. I read several blogs by dogs that I really really enjoy. I'd like to think my guys can be just as literate although maybe not in some cases. But who would get to speak? Should it rotate or will I have to watch them fight over the honour? Should they have their own blog or just contribute to this one occasionally? I need some help here so please let me know your thoughts.

Finally, the preparations are under way for our trip next week. Mom, Frost, Lucy and I will be venturing down to Long Island, New York for the GSP specialties there. We're driving down on Thursday and we'll be staying through to Monday. Buffy and Sara will be meeting us there and we'll also get to see many great friends from across the US. This is a trip Mom and I look forward to every year. Win or lose it is always a really good time.

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