Tuesday, February 2, 2010


All of True's are doing very well including the smaller girl. I haven't taken any more pictures of them yet and since we'll be banding tails shortly, I won't be putting any up for awhile until the tails are off.

Jeannie's wee girl is still holding on and has started to suck at the nipple. At first she couldn't seem to grasp how to latch on properly but now she seems to have the hang of it. She's not out of the woods by any means but she's shown she's going to be a fighter. I want to call her Clara, after Clara Hughes who also got off to a rough start according to some articles I've read on her. I took several pictures of Jeannie's crew and Clara including a few to show you how much smaller Clara is than her siblings. I need to get them off the camera and upload them which I will try to do tonight.

I'm liking the Olympian theme. The Muhvic boys have pointed out that I missed some key hockey players, chief among whom is Jerome Iginla. As a fan of Jerome's I feel the need to correct this error. With apologies to Justin Lamoureux, we will be replacing him with Jerome. Mind you if the boys had their way, we'd have named all the puppies after hockey players lol

Please keep sending good thoughts Clara's way.

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  1. Hi Heather

    congrats on the babies ... how I would love to come and rummage through the whelping box !!

    We are off traveling to Holland today for a dog show and should be home by the weekend, hope to see reports of Clara's progress when I get home.