Friday, February 19, 2010

Oakhill Pottery

I have no shares or financial interest in Oakhill Pottery. There that's my disclaimer.

I was thrilled that we did so well on Sunday at the specialty because the prizes consisted of pottery from Oakhill. I already have a few pieces of their work which have been given to me by various clubs as judge's gifts after doing specialties for them and it's beautiful work.

For 1st Prizes, we received were mugs with hand-painted German Shorthaired Pointers on them:

For Buffy's Reserve Winners Bitch, we got this lovely platter:

Other pieces already in my collection include:

a bowl - also from judging at a Vizsla specialty

and a lovely ornament from doing a Weimaraner specialty

Frankly, I love this stuff and pottery is not normally my thing. So, if you are a pottery fan I would encourage you to check their website out. They also offer great deals for clubs looking for specialty prizes, etc.

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