Thursday, February 18, 2010

Almost Fixed

They tell me my internet connection is being fixed as I type this and that soon I will once again be able to upload photos from the home PC. At that time I will send you all the nitty gritty from our recent adventures on Long Island.

In the meantime, I'll finish off the last of my Crufts posts. This one is just to show you the various HPR breeds that are recognized by the UK Kennel Club but rarely seen over in North America. HPR stands for Hunt, Point, Retrieve. Here in North America we refer to them as versatile hunting dogs. These are the poor man's dogs of the dog world - meant to fulfill everything a hunter needs in just one dog as he can't afford one dog to point, one to flush, one to retrieve, etc. The breeds commonly recognized in North America in this category include the Vizsla, the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Weimaraner, the Brittany Spaniel, the Italian Spinone, and the German Wirehaired Pointer. Here's a few you likely haven't encountered before:

The Bracco Italiano (the Italian Pointer) - I really liked this breed.

The German Longhaired Pointer

The Korthal Griffon

The Large Munsterlander

The Slovakian Roughhaired Pointer

The Wirehaired Vizsla


  1. wooow look at those doggy :)
    germans longhair pointer rules!! :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  2. I'd have thought you'd favour the Munsterlanders :)