Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some New Photos ...

This one is of Mochi - she is Beans' littermate and lives with the Ho family.

These are of Stella (Austr Ch Nuthatch's Star Crossed Luv). Stella lives in Australia with our friend Christine and her husband Peter. Stella is out of my dearly missed girl, the late Cupid (Can Ch Bruneau River Thing Calld Luv FDJ) and Teak (Am Can Ch Ersehnen Border Patrol).

And this is Decca (Knusprig Blankety Blanks), Stella's daughter by Christine's dog Linus (Gr Ch Knusprig Plum Tukkadout ET).


  1. Mochi is pretty darn cute for sure. I am still trying to figure out the color coding on you guys. Some of you have spots and some of you don't. What's up with that?

    Momma says the blogging is good "therapy" for her and when she is stressy it soothes her to read doggie news and whatnot. Plus she likes to read my old posts. Well, I am pretty interesting, right?


  2. Nuthatch, me lad!!! SOOO nice to meet ya! I've been, ahem, busy with me Mom and me muffur (fur mom). Have I been that bad that me Mom called in the drill sargeant? Yeesh! We will keep ya updated. Oh, and her derriere is bigger than Lacie's-can ya believe it? Yeah she's got about half her body weight to lose, bless her Irish heart...

    Irish Love, McG

  3. I found your comment and came right over to say hello. My sissy, Linguini, the one with all the spots is probably part pointer, or so they thought at the pound. Pleased to meet you all :)

  4. Hello to the Nuthatch Gang from Mayzie! I saw your comment on my bloggy and wanted to say thank you for coming to visit. I don't think I've ever met a German Shorthaired Pointer before which is prolly okay since I don't speak German. But gosh, you all are bee-you-tee-ful! My Cuzin Bridger is a bird dog so he knows all about pointing. Sorta. Come see me anytime!

    Wiggles & Wags - Mayzie

  5. Boy, that sure looks difficult. It must require a GReat deal of focus; which is som,ething we do not have. We are impressed.
    - TBH&K