Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Very Wordy Wordless Wednesday

First - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

It's been a busy few days so I'm way behind but the rest of the weekend went extremely well. Frost went Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Saturday (5 pts) and Lucy went Reserve Winners dog. It was especially nice as Frost, Lucy and the Winners Bitch are all sired by the Hun, Delceg (Malomkozi Delceg). It was also good in that Dad handled Frost and he was so happy with the results that he forgave Frost for eating the bottom out of his pipe case on the way to show that morning bol Apparently Frost likes leather. Hey, who doesn't?

When we got home, we got a call from Iris and Rory (Nuthatch Edenstar Aurora - Big x Jammer) had gone Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over Specials at a show down in the US for a 3 pt major.

We topped off this unusually wonderful weekend on Sunday with Frost and Buffy going Reserve Winners and Lucy going Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over Specials (4 pts) and Dundee going Best of Breed again.

Mango Momma - I spoke with Sarah, my friend from Master Chew Sits who also handles our dogs in the US, and she says she has handled dogs for Dexter's breeder before :) It's a small world.

Speaking of which, as I wandered about the show I kept thinking of all our blog friends. I got kissed by Goldens and thought of Maxdog and the Bumpass Hounds. I watched a fawn mastiff and thought about how much more I liked Mango's brindle than the fawn that seems to be so popular at shows. (It's not surprising really. I like brindle boxers better than fawns too. What can I say, I'm just now a fawn kind of girl.) There were demonstrations of dancing dogs during the lunch break which made me think of Honey and Hsin-Yi (although they all had little dogs, nothing as majestic as Ms. Honey). There were tons of Danes and a few bassets. Puppies with gorgeous long ears and big feet :) There were even a few service dogs wandering around with their owners watching the show. I'll post the pics of our wins when I get them in the mail.

In the meantime, for our wordless Wednesday, we offer...


  1. Ohmygoodnesses! That sure WAS a lot of words for Wordless Wednesday. BOL! But I was glad to gets caught up on all the happenings. Congratulations on all the wins!

    And I luvs the picture. What a Most Sweet face!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Lots of winners! About the pipe pouch now: BOL Sorry, dad.
    Happy St Patrick's day

  3. Wow, that was the wordiest Wordless Wednesday post we've ever read the words to.
    You guys are always busy.
    - TBH&K

  4. Cheater! :p

    Love that face. Just want a squeeze!

  5. So many things going on at those doggie shows for sure. Yuh, I think all the doggie handlers and whatnot know each other. Maybe we can catch you at a show in Master Chew Sits.


  6. oooooh :D so wordless
    we let the doggy sleep

    El'bow & Hauwii

  7. That's so funny - we always think of blog friends too when we go out and about! Sounds like a great show with lots going on - and congratulations on your wins!!

    My humans really like the brindle colour too and were thinking they might get a brindle Dane after me...

    Honey the Great Dane