Monday, March 22, 2010

Beware of Puppies....

After a week of beautiful sunshine, it snowed on my day off. I considered trying to take some video of the munchkins playing - it's an action filled event, complete with tuff little barks when someone tries to steal their siblings toys, the patter of thousands (ok, it just sounds like thousands - it's really only 44) of little paws as they race across the kitchen, the sudden tearing noise brought on by a piece of wallpaper disconnecting from the kitchen wall and, most terrifying of all, the sudden scream as those sharp little milk teeth pierce my ankles as I try to wash the dishes. Even their fur mothers won't come into the kitchen when they're loose. Their breeder braves it because the dishes must be washed and poops not caught early rapidly become floor paintings best avoided at all costs. Of course, one can only brave it in socks or (for the truly brave only) bare feet. Shoes can crush wee toes too easily for my comfort. I may never forget the puppy who broke a leg when the owner of an attached sock, attempted to move their foot away. Mind you the pup got caught on the chair and it was one of those freak accidents you suspect will never happen again in your lifetime but that haunts you nonetheless. The pup has gone on to do very well after some very expensive surgery and extensive physiotherapy. She now keeps her family overwhelmed in hugs and kisses.
I will try to upload some photos of them tomorrow. I'm worried about trying to upload video as we are on dial up. If anyone knows how to do it without spending all night trying to upload it - please let me know.

This is a picture of True (one of the two mothers) as a baby...

and as an adult...

and Jeannie (the other mother) as an adult (sorry, couldn't find a baby pic of her)...


  1. Let's see some of that chaos! It's fun to live vicariously through you. No cleanup. :)

  2. Haha! That picture of True makes her look like a demon puppy! I'm Most Glad she seems to have outgrown the demon puppy stage. I hopes you figure out how to upload a video cuz we'd very much luvs to see it.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Hard to believe those little goof balls can grow up into such grand dogs.

    Hey! We don't know about the dial up, but we do know that uploading to YouTube is faster than blogger.


  4.'s amazing to see the mothers as puppies themselves! So true what Mango said - how goofy pups with those silly flying ears can grow up into such beautiful dogs! :-)

    As for video - the only thing I can think of to suggest is to save it in a lower res format. Don't know what video editing software you use - if you're on a PC then Windows comes free with Windows Movie Maker, which is what I use and I find it very user-friendly - and when you have finished editing and click on "Save to my computer" - you can then choose what format to save your finished video as - there is a long list and you can choose "Video for Dial-up Broadband" - which will make it a lot easier for you to upload. The video won't be as good quality to watch, though - that's the only thing. (Even if you don't want to edit the video, you can still open the original video file in WMM and then just click on "Save to my computer" straight away to save it in a different format.)

    Hope this helps!