Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Visitors & Communal Motherhood

It was the weekend for future puppy owners to come and meet the little ones. I got several pics of the munchkins playing which I'll post separately. These are the pups playing with some of their visitors.

I have noticed that many fur Moms in the house develop what I call communal motherhood. Once the puppies come upstairs, they seem to become every one's puppies. The Moms reroute any dog they feel is disturbing the pups, sometimes with more than just a bark lashing. They warn people who come to visit that the puppies are not leaving (and shake their heads in sorrow when I eventually disagree and send them home at 8-9 weeks). First time Moms never put two and two together. Puppies in the living room + visitors means that puppies are leaving the house usually sooner rather than later. Old Moms that are now grandmas and great-grandmas make sure that visitors realize that they aren't that naive. They know people are there to take babies away and they do not approve.

This afternoon Charlie, Mr Big, Chanel & Spirit are off to visit our friend and canine chiropractor Gloria. They love going to visit Gloria as it means lots of nice back rubs and massages. They were less than impressed last night though when I announced that they were in dire need of a bath first. Charlie is the only one who looks forward to a bath. Usually it means he gets to go to a show which he absolutely loves. As soon as you open the bathroom door, he hops into the tub and waits for his bath. This is unlike the other three whom I have to pull into the bathroom and then lunge to close the door before they can wiggle out again. Then they need to be lifted into the tub (and they aren't light) and restrained while being bathed one-handed. I do all this while trying to keep my balance (remember I normally walk with a cane and am waiting on knee surgery). Needless to say I ended up just as wet as they were. I think Chanel put it down to fair is fair while Mr Big and Spirit just settled for giving me sorrowful looks with big brown eyes.


  1. Oh, I so remember that first visit! I couldn't decide but Bo was the one who really latched on and made the choice easy. Three years on and I haven't regretted a day :D

  2. so many!
    :D oooh when we were a puppy we lovely the visits of our family! :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Look at all those Most Beautiful puppies! I bet it is very much fun at your house. I'm sorry the mama doggies are sad to see their puppies go. But I know that those little ones will be Most Happy and Loved in their new homes.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Puppies and kids are a magical mix.
    - TBH&K