Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Awards, Inspiration, and Photos from Puppy Owners

Yeah, this one will be a long one lol

We missed a big weekend brag but in our defense, we only just found out. Texas is in a different time zone lol Anyway, Sonnet (NEWPoint Poetry of Nuthatch - Frost's littermate out of Becca and Delceg) took a 4 point major in Texas this past weekend!

First, we want to thank Mayzie for sending us this award:

We have never received an award before so this is especially nice for us. (Mom does need reassurance that folks actually read this.) We want to thank Mayzie not only for the Award but also for bringing a smile to Mom's face every day when she reads your blog.

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We would like to give the award to the following friends who brighten our day frequently. We know we can count on you for a smile and some sunshine no matter how much snow there is outside. We're sure most of you already have them but for those of you who have never met these animals, we strongly suggest you visit them...

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We've been reading lots and lots of posts on obedience training and tricks, etc lately and it has been most inspiring. As some of you know, obedience and rally have been on my to do list for ages and I just never seem to find the time to take some classes like I would like. I decided this while a valid point was an excuse none-the-less. So, after picking a likely (and hopefully easy) candidate (Ms Willow - the German Wirehaired Pointer), we have started short (like 5 min/evening) training sessions. Now, it is VERY important to remember and understand that I have absolutely no training skills whatsoever. I'm not easy to train and I have no great ability to train four leggers either (I'm admittedly better with two leggers in this arena). Combine that with very short attention spans for both dogs and owner and you face a serious challenge. This is why I chose Willow. She lives to please me whereas most of the GSPs live to love me and play with me but not necessarily to listen to me. It goes without saying that trying this with a Siberian is just not for novices.

Anyway, we started a few nights ago. I decided we'd start at the very basics. So we started with "sit". By now you're giggling saying - they don't even know how to sit?? but bear in mind, this is a conformation household and the last thing you want a show dog to do is sit in the ring, so we train "stand" from the start much the way most people train "sit". I was mightily impressed with Willow (I'm quite sure the credit belongs to her rather than me and my cheese slices). She picked up sit very quickly and in just a few nights, I've gotten her to the point where she will alternate between sitting and standing on command. I know - it's not exactly like she does the tango but hey, it's a start.

For you obedience afficionados, we have tried clicker training in the past. Found it very easy to teach them all that the click means good things are coming their way and I'm happy with what they did. Not so easy to teach everyone locked in a crate while you train only one dog that they aren't missing out on all kinds of goodness and that there is no need to bark at the top of their lungs to make sure I know that they'd be there too is someone would open the crate door.

Lastly - some photo updates from Riley (formerly Alex - out of True & Dundee):


  1. So cool to start training just like that. Our mommy did something similar to you. She started training Frankie and then a few days later she said that she's never not training a dog again. Good luck

  2. many conwuatulations on your wardie and most deserved,we're sure you'll get many more wiff all that cuteness
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  3. Never too late to start training! We have the same problem here. I have to lock one dog up to train the other. Maybe someday I will have those down / stays good enough to leave them out, but it is not a priority. Whoever is missing out really puts up a fuss, but I have (almost) learned to ignore it.

    Yup, keep it simple and short. During my very brief venture into showing Mango I went to handling school. Getting him to stand was so difficult because he had done obedience and thought that sit meant good dog.

    Well, since he didn't like conformation anyway, it all worked out for him (although his breeder was confident that he would have finished).

    Do keep us posted and thanks for the puppy pictures.

    Mango Momma

  4. Good luck with training. I know that takes a lot of patience, persistence, and time.

    Adorable puppy pics!

  5. Awww...I'm glad you liked your awardie and thanks for saying such a nice thing about my bloggie!

    My mom says that training is almost more for the humans than for the doggies cuz it teaches you how to communicates with us. I really luvs going to school but it's funny that all your doggies are good at stands but not so good at sits. Cuz that standing thing is SO hard for me! I'm kinda sorta starting to get it but in my opinions, it's WAY harder than sits.

    Oh, and I luv, luv, LUV that clicker thingie. It helps me get what mom's trying to teach me way fast. But you're right about the whole "being left out" thing. My Brudder Ranger especially Most Hates being left out. Oh my! You should hears some of the things he says!

    I hopes you have a good happy weekend and good luck with your trainings.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. What a great award!
    For your comment "So, how many goats does your Raiser adopt each year?"
    She raises "Dairy goats" (for milk - to make cheese, ice cream, butter & such).
    So each year we end up with 20+ baby goats! She sometimes lets a couple roam the house for a day or so (wearing a diaper of course!).


  7. Thanks for passing on the award, and congrats on your first! I'm just going to sit here and admire it. :)

  8. Hi There,

    we saw you at GABE and we would like to be your furrends! Come by and see us!

    Riley and Star.