Friday, February 25, 2011

New Puppy

Well, my sister and her son have gotten a new puppy. A wee pug named Gizmo. He's very cute but makes some funny noises. We've always been a big dog household but Jo and Alex live in an apartment along with their GSP Roxy (Josh x Wicca). Roxy is older and fairly quiet as shorthairs go so she manages the apartment well but a GSP puppy wouldn't be a good choice for an apartment. So here`s a few pics of Gizmo and Roxy:

Saw the surgeon and things are progressing well with the leg. With a little luck and some hard work I should be home within a week or so. I can`t wait.


  1. Wee puggy person is too cute and sooooooooooooo suits his name :)) Keep up the good work hop-a-long xxx

  2. gizmo is a cutie. :) one of my friends has a pug, and i always laugh about how they are such mouth breathers. they really do make the funniest noises!
    hooray for a good report at the surgeon! your hard work will pay off. i hope you'll be home very soon!

    the booker man and asa's mama