Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Overdue

It's been a long few months full of physical and mental challenges. I finally had the first surgery on my knee just over a week ago. It's a new year and hopefully a new beginning so let's give this another go.

I'm staying at my sister's for a few weeks as it is an apartment that is all on one level which is much appreciated when you can't put weight on one leg and get around in a combination of wheelchair and walker. They`ve been great and I spend lots of time with their girl Roxy (Nuthatch`s The Natural - out of Josh x Wicca). As I only have my laptop with me, I don`t have access to a lot of pictures but I`ll update you with lots of pics when I get home.

Roxy is wonderful, but I really really miss the dogs. Over the last few months, Dublin has been my constant companion and I`m missing him terribly. I`m not used to sleeping without dogs either (I don`t know what to do with all this leg space!?). It's important that my leg not get bumped around. It's in a brace but any touch or knocking of it is very very painful. A Delceg hug would probably kill me at this point. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like one anyway. No ever said I was sane lol

There has been some great wins to report as well. The most notable being that:

- Buffy finished her American championship - becoming Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Unforgettable (Kenny x Jeannie).

- Lucy also finished her American championship with multiple best of breeds over specials and three majors. She is now Am Can Ch Nuthatch's Awakenings (Delceg x Kaylee). Lucy didn't stop there but has been continuing to amaze. In her first two weekends as a special, she won the Breed and then made the cut in the group over top winning specials. Then last weekend there was the Sleep Hollow Specialty - one of the biggest specialties, it's held along with two other specialties the weekend before Westminster. She ended up going Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty to one of the top GSPs in the country. All of this is very impressive but it becomes even more special when you realize that Lucy is a solid liver German Shorthair. Although the breed standard recognizes it as being as acceptable as the more traditional spotted/ticked, many judges are hesitant to put it up as they don't see it as often and are less familiar with it.

- Rory (Am Ch Nuthatch Edenstar Aurora - owned by Dr Iris Goliger & Rachel Glenn, out of Jammer & Bug) went to Westminster and had a fabulous time! Owner handled, Rory and Iris made the cut at the premiere show in North America. It doesn't get better than that!

All in all the dogs and their owners, regardless of what they've been up to have continued to make us very proud. I'll try to find some pics to update with, in the meantime, we have:

Chesna (out of Charlie & Chanel)


  1. Thanks for the report. The dogs are doing an amazing job. Just one win after another. I have a friend who had double knee surgery. He was very miserable for a while, but now he is feeling so much better than before the surgery. Hang in there. Hopefully the dogs can come see you for a visit (no bumping allowed).

    Mango Momma

  2. welcome were missed. Congrats on all the amazing dog wins. and take care of yourself. you will be so much happier with your new and invigorated hugs from Willy...jennie

  3. Welcome back to blog world :)
    We hope you are feeling much better, real soon!

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. Hello darling .. delighted to hear from you !!
    I wish you a speedy recovery and I am sure Dublin will be missing you madly .. such a mummy's boy ( breeder very guilty .. sorry !!)
    His sister is a total mummies girl and goodness knows how she will cope on her first trip to mainland Europe when she has to sleep in the car on the ferry !!!!

    Be VERY good, do the physio and ignore the pain ... would send you a good whisky to help you out but Canadian law prevents it .. gggrrrrrr

    lots of love and bigs hugs

    Karen and the Gamebourne gang UK

  5. Glad the surgery went smoothly and you're recovering well! Hope you continue to make good progress & can go home soon! Sure the dogs miss you too! Congrats on all the wins! And love the pictures of Chesna!!