Monday, September 20, 2010

More Pics of Michael and Continuing to Catch Up

OK, big big news - I found a wireless stick from Telus that works at our house !!!!!!! I cannot explain how exciting that is to someone who has been stuck on dial up. It makes updating you a lot easier.

I found several pics of Mike on my desktop computer that I didn't have access to when I was away.

He really was beautiful guy.

September is a busy month here. I started off the month judging on the Labour Day weekend. It was a beautiful weekend and the show site is right on the water, so it is absolutely divine and very very picturesque. I had a great entry. I particularly enjoyed the Siberian entry. It was a booster and, for our area, we had a huge entry. There were some very nice dogs there but I absolutely fell in love with a senior puppy. He had these great, smooth lines with that effortless movement that screamed he could go all day without a problem. He made me think of an old fashioned working dog. I loved him.

The weekend after that is the weekend for the Oakville & District Kennel Club shows. I have been their show chair for several years now. The show went very well and I was very pleased to see that our entry numnbers were up. In the past few years many shows have seen their entries decline due to the economy and a variety of other factors. So, to have ours go up was a nice sign that we're doing a good job.

Last weekend was for puppy visits and next weekend I am judging again. Told you September was busy :)

Bug's puppies are doing very well. They turned 6 weeks this past weekend. I need to get some good stacked pictures of them but for now here are some fun ones.


  1. Hi Nuthatches! I've missed you lots! It sounds like you've been super busy. I luved the pictures of Michael. He was sooo beautiful. And, of course, the PUPPIES! Oh, gosh, they're just squee-dorable!

    Don't stay away so long, okay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Hello gang! Glad to hear that you might be getting your computer/internet problems sorted - we're missing you in Blogland!

    By the way, come and check out our latest post when you've got a moment as I think you'll enjoy it - it's about all the dogs we saw in Taipei while we were away - and boy, do they live a cushy life there! :-)

    Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane

  3. The puppies are so adorable. This is a very busy time for showy dogs, I know. Hope that you are doing well.


  4. Oh my goodnesses...look whos here...hehehe!
    I want to say furst dat I am very sorry bout da loss of Michael. I know dat has gots to be hard on ya'll.
    And puuuuuuuppies! They is so precious! Ummmm, are they eating a rooster...hehehe. Dats good eatin', or so I've heard.
    Glad to haves ya back.


  5. nuthatchers!
    two paws up for wireless stick thingies and better access to the interwebs! wooohooo!
    thankies for posting those pictures of michael. he really was a super handsome boy. i bet the hoomans would just stop and stare when they saw him walkin' by. wow.
    your puppies are so stinkin' cute! i love all their chubby bellies! they look like they are totally havin' funsies playin' outside.

    the booker man