Thursday, September 9, 2010

Michael - Can Ch Bain's Northern Riverdance

Michael was our last remaining Siberian Husky here at Nuthatch. Only a few days before his passing, I had run into his breeder at a show. I was telling her about how well he was doing and what great shape he was in and it was absolutely true. Michael went down very quickly and was gone only a few days later.

Michael came here as an 8 week old baby over thirteen and a half years ago. His best buddy was Ziggy, a GSP, who was only a month older. I thought we`d lose Ziggy first but she is still trucking along. We laughed and teased them that they had gotten their breed personalities reversed. Michael was an off leash Siberian from the beginning and was 100% reliable. Ziggy still isn`t safe off leash and she can barely walk on a bad day. On a good day she has an odd rocking horse kind of run as she moves around on her lead.

Michael had an incredible dignity and beauty and a very wicked sense of humour. A typical Sibe in that sense he loved creating mischief and you often swore he was laughing at you. He is dearly missed.

Last week I judged a booster (similar to an American supported entry) of Siberians. I thought of him of often as I judged. I found myself telling the booster organizers and the club`s new archivist all about him. He was one of a kind and a better companion you could not have asked for or received.

This is the only picture I seem to have on my laptop of him but I`ll post some more when I`m home again. Right now, I`m staying at a hotel while I do my annual stint as show chair for our local all breed show. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Michael...was an oxymoron. Siberians do not figure out their name til they are six. But they are charming, funny and the most gorgeous dogs ever. We miss you Heather. I check ever day for a comment....please believe it is no lack of interest when you post it is hard to stay active when it is so irregular. You need to know that....biggest hugs namaste jennie and one eyed willy the pointer

  2. miss heather,
    me and asa and mama are so sorry that michael had to go to the bridge. you wrote a beautiful post for him. he was super handsome and one-of-a-kind for sures.

    the booker man