Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Big Appointment and More

I'm having trouble leaving comments for some reason. Not sure why but after trying on several websites I was a little too frustrated to keep going. The only one that seemed to work were Mayzie's, Honey's and Mango's for some reason. I flunked with Tucker's, Booker's and the 'Sploring Wolfies. Then I got frustrated and stopped trying.

I saw the surgeon last Thursday and he redid all my x-rays. Things have gone downhill in the last year unfortunately. I will be having the osteotomy (I'll explain what it is in a sec) but due to the length of the waiting list, it likely won't be until early next year. I'm on the cancellation list so keep your fingers crossed for me. It's good and bad news. On the one hand, the end is in sight but on the other it's a lot further off than I would have liked.

An osteotomy is where they cut a wedge out of my shin bone on one side and then close it with hinges, plates and screws. The idea behind it is that the arthritis has forced the bones outward, making my bad leg bowed. This will realign my leg so that my weight rests on the good part of the knee. It puts off a knee replacement by about 10 years. Unfortunately, once it's done I'm completely off my feet (think wheelchair off my feet) for 3-4 months. The bone has to heal completely before I can put any weight on it. No driving, no walking, nothing :(

The worst part is this means I'm probably looking at another year before I go back to work. I'm currently living on disability pay and as benefits go, mine are great. I've already been off almost ten weeks and my salary only just took it's first hit. It's 100% for the first 6 weeks, 75% for the next 6 weeks and then it goes down to 65% for the balance. This means my budget is tight. So, I've sent off a few queries to see if I can't up my income a touch with some writing. I'm feeling nervous. It's been quite awhile since I did any writing.

One of my clients brought me an orchid. If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep it alive I would appreciate them. The flower is absolutely gorgeous.

On the canine front, the pups are doing well. I had a great time at our Annual GSP Fun day this past weekend and will try to post the pictures tomorrow.

Although we do not commercially board we do take back dogs bred here when their family's go on non-doggy vacations. It's a great way to keep in touch and see how the dogs are doing.

A few weeks back Morgan came to visit us. Morgan is out of one of our very first Siberian litters and is 14 years old. She has come to visit every year when her family travels on vacations that she can't go on. (They have family overseas so for many of their vacations it is simply not possible for her to accompany them.) Michael, our last remaining Siberian here at Nuthatch, was thrilled to see another Sibe. He doesn't mind the GSPs so much but they aren't Siberians. Morgan stayed for a week and I think both she and Michael had a great time.


Sadly, Miss Morgan passed away a week after her visit. She will be greatly missed by her family and everyone here at Nuthatch. Morgan was a sweet and loving girl.


  1. Wait a year???? Not right. Well, chin up and start counting days.

    You know, sometimes blogger just goes mental and then it feels better again. But it sure can be frustrating.


  2. Oh, run free, sweet Morgan. What a happy, pretty girl you were!

    And gosh! That doesn't like a very much fun thing to have done on your leg. And it doesn't sound like much fun to have to wait that long. And it REALLY doesn't sound like much fun to not be able to do zoomies for that long. Can you at least roll around on the grass a little bit?

    Well, I hope that when it's all done, it makes you feel lots and lots better!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Thank you for leaving us a comment! :-)

    Ouch - that operation sounds a bit frightening! But if it will make things much better for your leg, then it's gotta be worth it! we're keeping all fingers & paws crossed for you.

    Morgan looks like a sweetie - I didn't realise you bred Sibes as well! :-)