Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Chaos Here As Usual ...

As you know the last few weeks have been pretty busy... lol

I am way behind in my comments but hope to get caught up next week as things are starting to settle down (or so I hope).

The long weekend (the weekend before Memorial weekend is Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and is our long weekend - we don't do Memorial day). It start with me judging a White Shepherd Dog specialty. I know there are some out there who disagree with the breeding of white shepherds and I have no intention of debating the matter here. This is the second specialty I have judgined for this breed and I really enjoyed myself. They are superb hosts and they brought me some very nice quality dogs. I was pleased to discover that I had been consistent. My Winners Dog turned out to be the sire of the Reserve Winners Dog and the Winners Bitch (who went on to go Best fo Winners and Best in Specialty - lovely bitch!). Afterwords I sat with them for a bit and enjoyed a bite to eat and participate in their raffle where I won tons of great loot. The dogs were thrilled when I came home with armloads of treats and toys lol

From left to right:

Winners Dog Winners Bitch/Best in Specialty Reserve Winners Dog

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best in Specialty

Now I left my cell phone in the car the whole time we were there. To my great surprise, when we (Grandma came with me) returned to teh car we discovered that someone had called 15 times. Turns out it was Grandpa. Shiraz decided to have her litter early (like 5 days early which is a lot for a dog). By the time we got home, she had had 6 lovely puppies (4 boys and 2 girls).

Then on Sunday we went to help with the GSPCC (German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Canada) field test. Grandma plants birds and I help with paperwork. Field tests are a lot of fun. People are more relaxed than they are at shows and so the atmosphere is usually better. And nothing beats watching a bird dog do what it is bred to do. I'm not a hunter and never will be but it's a thrill to watch one of my dogs vibrating on point with excitement about the bird. It's worth seeing.

Then on Monday my sister came home for a surprise visit. Told you it's been busy here.

I'll end with some pictures of Kona (out of True and Dundee). I have tons of pictures people have sent me to post so we'll start here.


  1. I can hardly read this you have been so busy. Goodness. How do you do it? Puppies? Shows? Judging? But it is all very happy making stuff.


  2. absolutely gorgeous...congrats on a good breeding...jennie and willy

  3. Oh - congrats on the new puppies!! And so lovely to see pictures of the puppies in their new homes with their new families!


  4. Busy is right! Are you ever going to have a moment to catch your breath?? You are going to have your hands full. :)